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9 ways to keep your skin healthy this winter

While it’s always important to take care of your skin, it’s even more important during the winter. Our skin is a protective barrier that can help us stay healthy. When our skin becomes dry and cracked it opens the door for germs to enter. Here are nine tips to help your skin protect you this winter.


  1. Make sure to apply lotion within three minutes after a shower or bath. Wait 30-minutes or so and then reapply—the first layer will be absorbed and second will be a protective barrier to keep your skin moist.


  1. Turn down the temperature of showers and baths, and limit the length to five to 10 minutes. Sorry, I know a hot shower or bath can be relaxing but they contribute to dry skin.


  1. Don’t forget to exfoliate! As dry, dead skin builds up the moisturizers will be absorbed by the dead skin and will not be able to reach your healthy skin.


  1. Keep lip and hand lotion with you and apply often.


  1. Make sure you wear gloves and scarfs to prevent the wind from drying out your skin.


  1. If your home is dry, use a humidifier to put moisture into the air.


  1. Make the switch to heavier creams and moisturizers.


  1. Apply extra moisturizer to your lips, hands and feet before bed.


  1. If your skin begins to crack, apply a heavy moisturizer and wrap your hands and feet in plastic wrap for a couple hours. Take this time to relax!


If you have questions or need help finding skincare products to protect you from the winter weather, call The Skincare Center & Spa at 231.924.7800. For sensitive skin check out our Avène skincare line, specially formulated for many sensitive skin.

author: Tricia Grundy