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Rural FitKids 360
Creating Healthier Communities, One Fit Kid at a Time


What is Rural FitKids360?
A 12-week healthy lifestyle program. During the program, your child will learn ways to change his or her habits, eat better and be active.

Who can participate?
Children ages six to 16 and their parents or support partners.

Benefits of Rural FitKids360:

  • Fun and free
  • Created and led by local health experts
  • Free health tests at the start and end of the program
  • Continuing support after the program ends

Please join us.
Please contact your health care provider or
Phone: 231.924.1521

Online Consultation Request Form

Rural FitKids360 Physician Referral Form


Is your child’s doctor worried about his or her weight or Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Do you have a personal or family history of type 2 diabetes?

Are you concerned about the lack of healthy behaviors in your children?

Rural FitKids360 is made possible with the generous support of individuals and organizations throughout our community.

  • First Steps, Children’s Healthcare Access Program (CHAP)
  • Greenville Public Schools
  • Hesperia Community Schools
  • Montcalm Human Services Coalition
  • Newaygo County Care Improvement Council
  • Reagan Marketing + Design
  • Reed City Area Public Schools
  • Spectrum Health United Lifestyles
  • Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital
  • Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital
  • Together We Can, Osceola County